Georgia Heritage Center for the Arts

B. Wayne Smith

Toccoa, GA

Artist B. Wayne Smith uses color, texture, shade, shape and design to share his love of adventure and discovery. He expresses his creations in the form of abstract expressionism, sometimes including traditional subjects and designs, as well as the beauty of pochoir painting in which he uses stencils that he has designed. Working with mixed media, he frequently breaks ground in presenting a collection of media, colors, and subjects that are not traditionally found together. Some colors are intense, catching the viewer’s eye and drawing one into a current of textures, shades, shapes, and design. Other colors are subdued, presenting a path of progress, a backdrop for a story of forms and levels of intensity. This has resulted in an exciting collection of art and is captivating to those who take the time to become involved.

Wayne’s artistic skills can be appreciated in his paintings, collages, wall hangings, photography, and tiles. He is tireless in his efforts to achieve desired colors, textures, depths of appearance, and arrangement of the theme. It is not possible to look at a single creation and expect all of Wayne’s works to be so similar they can be easily identified. Each work is a one-of-a-kind creation. Viewing from all perspectives – from choice of size and media to finished product – one can appreciate Wayne’s unique approach to his work. In much of his work, he uses the pochoir method. From 2001 through the present, Wayne has received numerous awards in Mixed Media, Oil, Acrylic, Photography and Computer Enhanced Photography.
Wayne’s goal is to enjoy a career as an artist and to enable people to make their homes and work areas places of enjoyment. His work with mixed media includes dyes, pastels, oils, acrylics, enamel, charcoal, artists’ ink, and pencil.

His generous nature has impacted his life in the world of art. He frequently makes donations of his work to worthwhile causes. Recipients of his work to be used in fund-raising efforts include: The Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Atlanta; Project Open Hand of Atlanta; The Currahee Artists’ Guild of Toccoa; The Georgia Heritage Center for the Arts of Clarkesville, GA; The Museum of Contemporary Art in Atlanta, GA; The Quinlan Visual Arts Center of Gainesville; Toys for Tots of Atlanta; Circle of Hope of Northeast Georgia, and Toccoa-Stephens County Literacy Council.
Wayne’s work is frequently on display in various galleries, studios, and businesses in North Georgia. His work is also available for viewing and sale by requesting an appointment. He is available for commissioned work.

E-mail, call 706.754.5989 or visit us at Tallulah Falls, Georgia 30573